To all TheVIT Clients

I would like to inform you about what we at TheVIT do to help you in the best possible way during these trying times.

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Stein-Ragnar Noreng er adm. dir i TheVIT. Han traff Morten Tidemann i KPMG. Nå samarbeider Ligl Advokater AS med TheVIT og jusroboten IDA
Publisert 16 mar. 2020

Norway is now in a particularly difficult situation, and we know that many, maybe most of our customers may struggle as well. I would therefore like to inform you about what we at TheVIT do to help you in the best possible way during these trying times.

Firstly, we have implemented several measures to safeguard our employees so that we remain able to assist you in the days and weeks to come. We enforced “working from home policy” for most of our employees last week, ensuring that they have the necessary equipment to operate from there. This reduces the chance of the entire teams getting sick at the same time, and so far we have been successful and avoided corona virus among our staff.

Schools and kindergartens are now closed, and this may cause a somewhat reduced working capacity for our employees who have children of that age. To handle this situation, we decided:

  • We will prioritize invoicing, processing of payroll and payments for you to authorize.
  • We reallocate resources from other service areas to fill in the gaps that may arise.
  • We will continue to handle the usual accounting tasks, but if necessary, prioritize the ones I mention above.

TheVIT is a large company with almost 200 highly skilled employees, and we have set up our own interdisciplinary advisory team to support you in these difficult times. We are readily available to guide you and assist in connection with possible layoffs, in relation to the countermeasure packages launched by the government, and to be the sparring partner you may need in these times.

We have opened a dedicated email address for such inquiries, so that you can easily get in touch with our resources. You can still contact your usual accountant or manager, but for a faster access to assistance, we would appreciate if you address your enquiry to our dedicated team. In this way, our accountants and client managers can concentrate fully on providing our regular services to you, while your special questions get handled by the advisers who are well versed in the relevant issues.

We will do our utmost to assist you in the demanding period, and we want to thank you for your business!

Kind regards
Stein-Ragnar Noreng
Managing Director